Murnau Den Linden

During my trip to the UK, I ran into artist, illustrator and good friend Murnau Den Linden, where we had the opportunity to explore the Barbican Centre and Shoreditch in Central London to collaborate for a photoshoot. All texts, quotes and personification are Murnau's property. I just took the pictures.

These were shot using 35mm CineStill T800 Color Film.


Durante mi viaje al Reino Unido, me encontré con el artista, ilustrador y buen amigo Murnau Den Linden, donde tuvimos la oportunidad de explorar el Barbican Centre y Shoreditch en el centro de Londres para colaborar para una sesión de fotos. Todos los textos, citas y personificación son propiedad de Murnau. Yo solo tomé las fotografías.

Fotos tomadas usando película de 35mm Cinestill T800.

I. In Between

Life is a flash between two different gaps, one’s finite and blooming, the other’s infinite and dark, and us, conscious living things, we are lucky enough to know that one of those, the end, will come at some point.
— Murnau Den Linden

II. Tunnel Memory

What if time is -in fact, a matter of tunnel memory?
— Murnau Den Linden

III. Realities

There’s just one reality: this one, the 4th dimension where we live, where time and its curvature define the rules. And there is no option to modify realities at our whim or more time travels than our own rhetorical words and actions.
— Murnau Den Linden

IV. Cracks

We’ve all got both light and dark inside us and, in a sense, we all are broken -that’s how light gets in. However, what really matters is the side we choose to life for.
— Murnau Den Linden

V. Ouroboros

There goes the Ouroboros
The rifle
The rose grown from the shell
The skull, the dust
It goes into the dark
Letting us know that the end is near
That a new beginning appears to approach
A gravitational singularity
An small change
A domino effect
A more accurate “when” than an unlikely “if”
While some will pull the trigger
The rest will put the head
— Murnau Den Linden

VI. The Red Raven

While the red raven smiles to the tormented souls on hell, me, calmly, wait for those whose velvet violins will bring light and truth to the wise people on Earth.
— Murnau Den Linden

VII. The Observer

If I look to the centuries from where I come and the lands I crossed, the people I was asked to love
and the haters I loved silently, alone, it doesn’t feel as much as it looks, and even now I feel able to squat faster on my knees to observe because observing made me who I want to be.
— Murnau Den Linden